Sphynx Clothing and Accessories

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Welcome to Designer Sphynx cat apparel and accessories . Our products are made to fit our naked felines perfectly. Materials used to make our sphynx harnesses, sphynx collars, sphynx clothing, sphynx beds and sphynx accessories are premium quality meant to last years not days. The Ultrasuede material used in the Susan Lanci Designs passes the stringent Wizenbeek 200,000 double stroke abrasion test and is used in Aston Martin, Mercedes, BMW and Lamborghini in their show car interiors.

Products are not just stylish but, comfortable and washable. It is very important that we not only keep our sphynx cats and kittens warm when we take them out but that we use safe materials when we do so. After personally using the products on our own sphynx cats and kittens for years we have decided to open Designer Sphynx and share these wonderful products with all the sphynx in the world.


LuCo Creations : CUSTOM CAT TREES BY TIM         Contact: lucocreations@gmail.com