Korea Magazine Shoot

NoCoatKitty Elliott on the cover of  Korea W magazine creative cloud


  1. Love it! Amazing!

  2. Diane Seva'aetasi says:

    Still holding Elliott wrong…how many …Kitty liked to held that way..

  3. love it

  4. I think my Lola would be hissing at the camera she absolutely hates being held that way!

  5. Myra Sphynx Lynyrd Skynyrd, has no problem being held this wah whatsoever. He also enjoys sitting up in the corner of his chair similar to how a person sits. It is very comical. And he does this under his own volition. I don’t think that Elliot was under any undue strain or pain. Not any more so than being held in a strangers arms and being in a strange place and travelling internationally. However my Sphynx are very adaptable and enjoy new experiences and meeting new people. Everytime I get ready to do an errand and get makeup on and start combing my hair and getting my purse organized they line up wanting to come with. I like the ad it adorable.

  6. Sorry a few typos. Correct them if you wish. Myre should be My. Wah should be way. And the it in the last sentence should be its. Sorry I thought my spell check was on. Nicole

  7. Thank you Nicole,
    Elliot is my cat and I photograph him allot. I always make sure we do only things he likes. He sits with me sometimes for a long time on his back. Elliot is a very easy and friendly cat and he is my buddy, we do everything together.
    When i do shoots with him in my studio I bring him for 20 minutes, The process of taking a picture takes mostly about 5 minutes.

    Diane says it is wrong to hold Elliot this way. I would have to disagree. I dont ever do anything Elliot doesnt want, all cats are different, maybe her cats dont like to sit like this and thats why she doesnt like the photograph.

    Oh well to each its own.
    I love my Elliot.

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